Make sure you are getting regular Fire Risk Assessments from an expert in the field. 

Make sure your Property is Safe and not a Fire Risk

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is now over 15 years old. There is no excuse for employers, managers and/or people in positions of responsibility not to be aware of their roles and responsibilities in line with this legislation.

We will conduct a throughout and complete fire risk assessment, giving recommendations and advice to make sure your property is completely safe and legally compliant in terms of all the necessary fire regulations. All of our Surveys are compliant with PAS 79 Parts 1 & 2. (Part 1 Commercial – Part 2 Domestic Premises.)

PAS 79 focuses on making sure that all the required information that pertains to both a fire risk assessment and the findings are recorded. The specific needs to both carry out fire risk assessments and then document any significant findings from said assessments are crucial to existing fire law

Kompliant are now pleased to offer services encompassing the four types of Fire Risk Assessment which include:

Type 1 – Common parts only (non-destructive) A Type 1 fire risk assessment is the basic fire risk assessment required for the purpose of satisfying the Fire Safety Order (FSO) (PAS 79 – Part 1)

Type 2 – Common parts only (destructive)

Type 3 – Common parts and flats (non-destructive) (PAS 79 – Part 2)

Type 4 – Common parts and flats (destructive)

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Clear, Fire Compliance Reports

When you are trying to make sure your company is following fire regulations correctly, it can be easy to get lost in the detail and miss something important.

We make sure our reports are easy to read, broken down into logical sections, and have a range of visual aids such as photographic evidence, and a referenced floor plan highlighting areas of concern.

It will be easy for anyone reading the report to see what needs to be addressed, so you can quickly follow our guidance and tackle any issues straight away.

The Right Type of Survey

Even if you have carried out an assessment on your property, you may still not be compliant.

Dependant on your property you may require one of 4 different types of survey, contact us below to find out more.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) also states that a fire risk assessment should be carried out at regular intervals – of which annually is a great start point – or when significant structural work is carried out, renovations occur, or if there are major changes within the workforce.

You need a team that consistently applies a methodical approach to risk assessment, give you full peace of mind that your commercial property is always fire safe.

Legal Requirements?

The RRFSO Order 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act, and Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 require a responsible person/duty holder to ensure the safety of anyone using the business premises, including non-employees.

The Regulations apply to all premises, except single private dwellings. “Premises” include communal areas of flats, HMOs, workplaces, care homes, supported living, licensed premises, factories, offices, shops, theatres etc. In short, all commercial premises and the communal areas of residential premises.

All Heath & Safety Assessments Undertaken

It makes sense to have all your health and safety checks done by one team, ensuring a consistent approach to the legal requirements of your premises.

As well as our comprehensive fire risk assessments, we have the expertise to cover Covid 19, asbestos assessmentsenergy managementlegionella management, and health and safety audits.

Our clear advice and accurate surveys will give you the confidence to ensure that your property and people are fully protected.