An accurate energy audit could reduce your utility costs significantly. We will undertake an intensive inspection of your energy outputs, recommend areas for improvement, and produce an energy certificate so that you know your exact levels of efficiency.

There is also a legal need to make sure your energy performance is where it needs to be. We have many years’ experience in this field and will help your company achieve the required energy standards.

Energy Assessments that will save you Money

One of the best ways to reduce costs across your business is to make sure you are as energy efficient as possible. With our help, you can make this a reality – We are fully qualified to undertake Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) inspections and TM44 Air conditioning surveys. We can also issue Energy Performance (EPC) certificates.

You can trust us to make sure your company is safe and legal in all other areas of health and safety too, with our robust asbestos and legionella services, and fire risk assessments.

Energy Performance Certificates

It is a legal requirement to have a Non-Domestic EPC if are selling or letting a commercial property, and it also unlawful to do so if the score is E or below.

The penalty for non-compliance ranges from £500 to £5000 depending on the value of the property.

We will produce an EPC that will not only tell you how energy efficient you are, but also implement advisory changes that allow you to see what your score could be once changes are made. Our assessors are accredited to carry out Level 3,4 & 5 type non-domestic inspections, and Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings.

TM44 Air Conditioning Surveys

If you occupy a building that is fitted with air conditioning systems, then it is highly likely that you will be required to have a TM44 inspection carried out on your systems every 5 years, to comply with current legislation.

As a company, we are completely independent and not affiliated with any company or manufacturer of air conditioning systems. You can be assured that the reports provided by Kompliant Ltd assessors are totally unbiased.

This means we can be fully trusted to monitor performance and give an honest opinion on the condition of your equipment.


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory requirement for all large enterprises in the UK. As the name implies, the focus is on opportunities to reduce energy use and its associated cost to UK plc.

If you have 250 employees or more, or having both a turnover greater than £50 million or euros and an annual balance sheet greater than £43 million or euros, you must comply with this scheme.

If a qualifying organisation doesn’t meet the deadline, they can expect to receive a basic fine of £50,000, plus an additional fine of £800 per day up to a maximum of 80 days.

Is Your Business ESOS ready?

We will ensure you maximise the benefits of the ESOS energy scheme; our ESOS lead assessors will:

  • Collate data for building, transport and process energy use
  • Analyse your data and energy consumption
  • Review your portfolio to determine the number of energy surveys required
  • Carry out energy surveys, potentially including out-of-hours surveys to identify savings
  • Produce survey reports including cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations
  • Maximise the benefit of government incentive schemes
  • Include ESOS assessor review, verification and sign-off
  • Prepare ESOS submission document, evidence pack and sign-off
  • Review your ESOS audit results

ESOS Energy Scheme Compulsory Phases

Compliance with the second phase of the scheme had to have been completed and reported to the Environment Agency by 5 December 2019.

The timings of each ESOS scheme phase are shown here:

 Qualification Date4 Year Compliance PhaseCompliance Date
Phase 131 Dec 20146 Dec 2011 – 5 Dec 20155 Dec 2015
Phase 231 Dec 20186 Dec 2015 – 5 Dec 20195 Dec 2019
Phase 331 Dec 20226 Dec 2019 – 5 Dec 20235 Dec 2023